90A Swansea Road, P O Box 122, Stratford 4332



Monday – Friday

Kindergarten Day: 8.00am- 3.30 pm or 8.30am – 3.30pm

Morning Session: 8.00 am-12.30pm or 8.30am – 12.30pm

Afternoon Session: 12.30pm – 3.30pm



The staff at Koru Kindergarten consists of a teaching team of eight,  a Kindergarten Administrator, a Meal Co-ordinator  and a Teacher Aide.

The group size is a maximum of 42 children aged 3 months – 6 years.



Ph (06) 765 6051 | Mobile (027) 750 0153 | koru@kindergartentaranaki.co.nz



$180 per week for under 2 years (30 hours or more)

$170 per week for 2- year olds (30 hours or more)

$75 per week for 3- 6 year olds ( if attending for over 30 hours and bringing 20 ECE hours)

$6 per hour if attending for less than 30 hours per week

20 hours free for 3-6 year olds

Last day for 2021

  • Tuesday 21 December


Term one:  Wednesday 19 January –  to Friday 15 July

Term two:  Monday 25 July  to Wednesday 21  December

Kindergarten closed: 

  • Tuesday 19 April
  • Friday 29 April
  • Monday 18 to Friday 22 July
  • Monday 3 October

Kindergarten closed for Public Holidays: 

  • Monday 7 February
  • Monday 14 March
  • Friday 15 April
  • Monday 18 April
  • Monday 25 April
  • Monday 6 June
  • Friday 24 June
  • Monday 24 October

We are a very unique kindergarten, attached to the Stratford High School Teen Parent  Unit, however we also cater for the wider community. All meals for children are provided, which includes morning tea lunch and afternoon tea.

We are licensed for 42 children and cater for infants and toddlers from 3 months to two years and for young children aged 2 to school age. The Kindergarten operates with ratios of:

1:3 for under 1 year olds                      1:4 for 1- 2 year                    1:10 for 2– 6 year olds


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is influenced by many approaches including Te Ao Māori, and RIE/Pikler


Koru Kindergarten Philosophy
As depicted by the Koru symbol, a child uniquely unfolds within the interconnected supportive space that is Koru Kindergarten.

We are guided by the principals of Manaakitanga, Maiatanga and Whanaungatanga

This means:

Resilience/ Maiatanga

  • We value struggle and see this is an important part of learning. We endevour not to rescue children and trust they reach their goals and can work through challenges with our support.


  • A primary care teacher approach builds a foundation of security and trust making learning relaxed and meaningful.


  • We understand that learning happens through genuine responsive and reciprocal relationships with community, environments, nature and people.

Our Philosophy and what this means

Primary care at Koru means:

  • Children are assigned to a specific teacher and we learn about what is important to you and your family. How we can best value your language, culture and identity.
  • That teacher will fulfill their needs throughout the day with support from other teachers
  • That teacher will, in collaboration with whānau and the teaching team will record all that child’s learning
  • Parents/whānau and children have a special person they can talk to

A child uniquely unfolds means:

  • Each child is different and they develop in their own way at their own time
  • Each child is special in their own way and they display this through their play, we observe this and work within this as our form of planning and documentation
  • Every child experiences their “milestones” at different times so what works for one may not necessarily be the same for everyone

Relaxed and meaningful means:

  • Everyone has a different “body clock”. We work with what is best for each individual child
  • Our quiet approach means we will always strive to use quiet voices in a gentle manner

Where teachers value struggle means:

We value struggle and see this as an important part of learning. We endeavor not to ‘rescue’ children and trust they can work through problems with our support.

Genuine responsive and reciprocal relationships with community, environments, nature and people means:

  • Ongoing communication with parents/whanau during pick up and drop off times
  • Connection with nature and valuing this as part of our programme
  • Being and active part of our community

Interconnected supportive space

  • Acknowledging our affiliation with the TPU
  • Accepting that we are all constantly learning, children, teachers and families alike